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Gallery, Paintings by François SCHLESSER

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... My art was first influenced by symbolic Surrealism. Later, realizing that symbols were intrinsic to all art, I quickly gave up all intellectual representations to dive into what I most eagerly wanted to produce. And so I started to paint distant, unusual worlds, sometimes similar to those we see in space but from different points of view, as they could be perceived by creatures with additional senses. I would copy my nightdreams and the fleeting visions I had during my waking hours, or at least I would get inspiration from them, as some of the visions were moving and very difficult to grasp. ...

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 Universal Symphony" 

A journey through François SCHLESSER's oil paintings 

Original score "Sanctus Origin" by Eric ARON

"This wonderful spectacle invites us to stop destroying our beautiful planet.
Everything around us comes from a miracle we call "Life".
Let us listen to the silence from the stars.
They tell us the most extraordinary of stories, that of this universe so mysteriously present.

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Gallery, Paintings by François SCHLESSER
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